Monday, August 20, 2012


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Is it my imagination, or have I noticed an improvement in our power supply? Certainly the Island/Lekki axis seems to be having longer supply of electricity.  Less diesel was ordered on estates, in the last couple of weeks Am sure this will be good news for residents who have been paying astronomical amounts to service generators. The Minister of Power has promised an increase in power generation starting from July 2012, It seems he is keeping his word I hope it is a continuous and permanent improvement to all areas


Still on the issue of power supply, Whilst Nigeria battles with providing electricity to its 150 million people, India lost power supply to over 600 million of its population this week, that is roughly half of its total population! The country was thrown into chaos when


The Makoko waterside shanty community which has been built up over a number of years on the waterside in Yaba, has been finally demolished. Hundreds of thousands of people have been made homeless without a thought about relocating or providing alternative accommodation for them. A few months ago I wrote about the threats to demolish this community when a senior state official said in the press that “he did not care where they went to, they should just move themselves away from the area” At the time I had dared to venture into that community for some charity work and I was appalled at the sanitary conditions, or should I say, the lack of it. Therefore the community does need help. I am dismayed though it has been so ruthlessly demolished without a thought for alternative housing for them. Where will all these people go?


In the process of demolishing the shanties of Makoko, some children unfortunately lost their lives in the chaos that followed the officials moving in with their bulldozers. A community leader was also killed in the process. It is sad that lives were lost and from news that has been published, no plans have been made for these displaced residents and their numerous children. The State Government should step in to ensure the safe resettlement of these people, although it may unfortunately be too late for some.


It is highly amusing to hear about land tussle cases that go on in Nigeria, some border on the ridiculous and others sound like comedy sketches. I was reading with my eyes wide open, the land dispute going on in an Abuja high court between two “very very very” important women. One of the women was given an allocation of prime land with Right of Occupancy for her NGO a few years ago. Development started on the land in late 2011 during which a backdated revocation notice was sent to her by the relevant Ministry. The land was then duly allocated to the second woman’s NGO??? The FG has stepped into the case, which has been back and forth in court and has now been adjourned further till the end of this year! It will be interesting to see the outcome of this case. As the proverbial saying goes, “when two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers”

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