Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our own Tsunami

With the few days of rainfall we had recently and the resulting aftermath, you would have thought a hurricane and tsunami hit Lagos State. The shoreline and beaches around the Lekki Peninsula, seems to be eroding at an alarming rate! Some homes in the Alpha beach area had the ocean pay an unexpected visit, with sea water flooding roads, houses and shops, knocking down structures and causing chaos in the area. People had to vacate their homes.  What was once seen as desirable to live near the sea, has now become life threatening.

More and more estates are springing up along the Lekki expressway axis, small, medium, big, serviced, remote, motorable, unmotorable. These estates come in various sizes to suit all pockets. I had to visit one of these estates today, but unfortunately had to turn back before getting there, due to the terrible access roads.

We have been promised by the Eko Electricity Distribution Company(EEDC)  that they will immediately commence the free installation of pre paid meters within one month of payment of connection charges. This will be good news for millions of residents who have are being charged for electricity they are not using. Now people will only pay for what they use and buy only what they need. No more illegal charging and fraudulent activities around electricity. The CEO of EEDC has said that we will start to see an improvement both in power supply and in services by the end of this month. We look forward to this miracle IJN

I received a phone call from a lady who lives in the UK but has an empty property on one of the popular estates on the Island, she wanted a short let tenant for her 5 bedroom detached house in Lekki. I told her I would do my best, but she should consider having a tenant for at least one year as most short let requests are for smaller serviced units in VI or Ikoyi. She agreed to this and I spread the news to other agents and clients I thought may be interested. I was contacted by another agent who had a client working in an oil company near the estate. We arranged an inspection immediately. The client, who was relocating from abroad, was happy with the property and started negotiating immediately.  He wanted 2 years instead of 1 year. I sent him a formal offer and contacted the landlady.

The landlady contacted me, to say she really did not want 2 years but will consider it if the client did not use the boys quarters! I explained that a family that needed a 5 bedroom house would more than likely need the boys quarters. She later said “I hear that in Nigeria, I do not have to pay your fees? you will need to sort yourself out with the client” I took a deep breath before saying very politely” Madam YOU contacted me to let YOUR property, my fees should be paid by YOU”  There was a pause on the other end of the line, before she said “ok I will consider something for you!
I am considering dropping this case as a matter of principle, although it will be a travesty to lose what I have already put so much into. What a business!

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